Welcome to Universal Messages!
September 9th, 2012

Welcome to Universal Messages! I am thrilled to be on the verge of the launch of my first children’s book! It has been a few years in the making so it is a wonderful feeling getting it to completion.  Beatrice and Raymond carries a message that we can all use and be reminded of repeatedly. It stands throughout time and across all cultures. It is my first Universal Message to everyone.  I hope that many people will find it useful and enjoy the beautiful artwork by John Garancheski III.  This is his first book illustration as well. John is a tattoo artist in Baltimore, MD. I sought out an artist whose style fit my overall vision. I think his result is fabulous and something I don’t think anyone has done before. You can view more of his art and contact him at the following link: http://www.johngarancheski.com/

Please let me know what you think of the book when it is released. I would love to hear your thoughts. You may send me messages on the contact us link of the website.  Additionally I am collecting ideas for more Universal Messages.  If you have a story told to you by your relatives or a friend that you feel is a good one that not many people know, and that teaches a lesson or value, I would love to hear it!

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