Meet The Author

Kim Hart is an engineer by day and an accomplished technical author; however, she is a novice in the world of children’s literature.  Kim founded Universal Messages™ books to bring stories, values, and traditions back to the youth and adults of today which may be slipping away in today’s fast-paced society.  She has a multicultural family and strives to preserve both cultures in her children’s lives.

Kim Hart is a novice children’s writer and an engineer. She is an accomplished technical author, having published many technical papers and having contributed to a few engineering books. This is the first of a series of books inspired by her desire for values and traditions to be passed to future generations. She fears that at the speed life goes today, many values, lessons, traditions, and understanding of the world, history, and the people who live in it are quickly being lost. Universal Messages™ books are her attempt to bring these stories, values, and traditions back to the youth and adults of today. It is her hope that the stories may then carry on to the youth of tomorrow. Kim lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and three children. She is reminded daily of the differences around the world and has a more global view thanks to the perspective presented by her Russian-born husband, who was raised under Soviet rule. Kim wants a better world for her children, as all parents do, and believes we already know how to make that happen by listening to our elders and many wise cultures that have preceded us. She is inspired to tell these stories and teach these values to her children, who unfortunately do not have the opportunity to visit with their own elders, since most of them have already passed.